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If you’ve never tweeted in your life, if you don’t know a Snapchat from an Instagram, and if your Facebook knowledge is limited to tapping “Like” on your friend’s new profile picture, don’t panic- we’re here for you!

Social media can be a daunting concept to those who don’t use it every day. Just using social media, let alone developing a vast understanding of social media marketing and how you can work it to your best advantage, can seem mind-boggling if it’s not your area of expertise. Enter Echero- our social media marketing experts don’t just use social media: they LIVE it! Our team can take your business from social media zero to hero with a few handy tricks up our sleeve. Take it from us, a generation who skips 15-second YouTube ads and zooms past commercial breaks on our DVR-recorded shows- we aren’t swayed by traditional forms of advertising. Social media marketing started as an outside-the-box approach to target millennials who have no patience for ads, and has quickly become one of the top forms of advertising for companies of all sizes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of social media consultants who know firsthand what your target audience likes and how best to reach them? With Echero, that’s just what you’re going to get- direct recommendations, critiques and ideas from the influencers themselves. We’ll clue you into the marketing trends that are the most effective among our demographic and help your company create innovative social media campaigns that make you stand out against the competition and create a buzz about your product or service. Echero won’t just handle your social media marketing- we’ll transform it!

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